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About Us


We are a tour agency focusing on the EDUPLEASURE in Jepara’s white beaches, waterfalls, 29 summits, coffee plantation, a weaving village, woodcarving and Kartini.

That is what we do. We combine education and pleasure in our tours. We are dedicated to encourage learning and understanding of the cultural, natural and cultural landscape heritage of Japara.

How do we do it?
First, although we give our guests options to stay in hotels or homestays, we also give them the option to stay at local homes. We would choose for them a family of weavers, woodcarvers, farmers or fishermen.
Second, in order to learn and understand the richness of the local wisdom, we allow our guests to try the weaving equipments or even to weave a cloth, or to go with the fishermen on their boat the whole day to catch fish and at the end of the day to sell the catch at a local fish market, or to go and get dirty in a rice field or in a coffee plantation, or do a guided research or meditate on the megalithic ruins.