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Our Independence Day, August 17th, will fall on Thursday. That means a 4 DAYS LONG WEEKEND!!
Where do you want to spend those FOUR VACATION DAYS?

Bali, Yogyakarta, Lombok will be chocked-full of tourists. Why have a vacation in a place crowded with tourists? Why not try Jepara?

IMG_20170729_172948IMG_20170729_172335IMG_20170729_165330IMG_20170729_155531Jepara or Japara in Central Java is much less touristic than Yogyakarta and Bali, but in terms of nature and culture it has everything : the mountain of Muria with its 29 summits, rice field terraces, coffee plantations, megalithic temple ruins older than Borobudur on top of a mount, waterfalls and pine forests, a series of beaches with white sand and calm shallow water, woodcarving arts, the weavers’ village of Troso and Kartini, a forerunner of women’s rights on education and a pioneer in heritage conservation.

We invite you to experience Japara on the coming Independence Day 5 DAYS 4 NIGHTS LONG WEEKEND with these programmes :

Wednesday, August 16th
3 p.m. – Gather at Jepara Digital Valley, Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto no, 13 Jepara.
4 p.m. – Off to Bondo beach.
4.30 p.m. – Arrive on Bondo beach, set up the tents, enjoy the beach while waiting for sunset.
6 p.m. – Dinner at a local warung that serves the delicious Bondo style tahu campur.
7 p.m. – Bonfire with lots of fun.

Thursday, August 17th
7 a.m. – A small flag ceremony.
7.15 a.m. – Breakfast.
8 a.m. – Off to Omah Petrok, home of the youth organization of Troso who thrive to develop Troso’s own signature pattern. Get to know the people behind the crafts and learn all about the designs and history behind it.
10 a.m. – Off to Kedung Paso waterfall. We will have picnic lunch there.
1 p.m. – Visit woodcarving women in the village of Sokodono. Possible detour to Rumah Kartini to learn about one of Indonesia’s most famous national heroines and get to know the community that unites and promote Jepara culture among the young generation.
4 p.m. – Back to Bondo beach, but this time to Ombakmati corner.
6 p.m. – Let’s camp out again on this corner.

Friday, August 18th
9 a.m. – Off to Tempur village and Duplak highlands up on the great mountain of Muria, home of clear streams and rice terraces more beautiful than those in Ubud, Bali.
11 a.m. – Arrive at Kedai Ali in Duplak, have a welcome cup of coffee and snacks.
12 p.m. – Lunch at Kedai Ali.
1 p.m. – Walk through the coffee plantation to the viewing platforms of Bejagan hill. If the weather allows, you can see the sea across the mountains from the platforms.
3 p.m. – Walk back to the village to Sumur Batu, where the name Duplak originated from.
4 p.m. – Walk back to Kedai Ali and have a free late afternoon while waiting for the sun to set behind the mountains.
6 p.m. – Dinner at Kedai Ali. Free evening. We spend the night at Ali’s place.

Saturday, August 19th
7 a.m. – Breakfast at Kedai Ali.
9 a.m. – Hike to ancient Candi Bubrah and Candi Angin, the windy temple, megalithic sites older than Borobudur, located on a mountain top. Half the way will be done on motorcycles.
11 p.m. – Arrive at Candi Angin and have lunch.
1 p.m. – Hike back to the village.
3 p.m. – Arrive at Kedai Ali, have refreshing coffee, tea and snacks. 4 p.m. – Ride back to the town of Japara
6 p.m. – Have a nice dinner at the heart of the town.
8 p.m. – Check-in in a homestay or hotel or spend a night at Jepara Digital Valley. Then let’s have a nice Saturday Night at the town square or at Sriya cafe.

Sunday, August 20th
7 a.m. – Breakfast at the hotel or at the town square (Car Free Morning) if you stay at Jepara Digital Valley.
8 a.m. – Off to the northermost beach of Java.
12 a.m. – Lunch back in town : pecel horog-horog at local warung in town.
1 p.m. – End of the tour.

Contribution JAPARA + DUPLAK HIGHLANDS TRIP per person:
Rp 1.500.000, –
1. Travelbus Semarang-Japara vv.
2. Homestay / donation for JDV
3. Tents
4. 12x meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
5. Snacks
6. Transportation during the whole trip
7. Parking costs and admission fees
8. Pictures during the whole trip. Please bring an 8 GB USB
9. Local Guides
10. Souvenirs (something woven, something carved, something roasted)

This price is for private tour only. Contact us for price for group tour.

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